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App NameHeadway: Fun & Easy Growth
Latest Versionv3.65.0
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Headway: Books’ Key Ideas is a widely loved and even frequently recommended reading app among friends and colleagues. All of its books are special, focusing only on giving readers positive directions or a more general view of life. Plus, the app will help users with all the goals they need, whether it’s communication, behavior, life, and more. If users often have a negative life, such as poor communication, slow learning, and often suffer from social problems, then this application is the key to help them relax and change.

Reading has long been an essential factor in improving knowledge, reading comprehension, and the way you perceive it. That is why many authors have released pages with many passionate messages. If you feel depressed or pressured about life, come to Headway: Self-Growth Challenge to enjoy a series of different stories. Moreover, you can also receive useful advice or need advice, for example.

Diverse Vocabulary

There are many ways for you to improve your vocabulary, and reading books online is not to be missed. This application can be seen as a rich dictionary, providing you with many good readings. Plus, you can look up words you don’t know when reading to increase your vocabulary for your creative thinking. If you tend to read the same topic, that’s also an example to keep in mind while reading. You can also look in the app to don’t interrupt the reading and check the words you wonder.


Easy To Use

Without taking much of your time, you can open the application and use it wherever and whenever you want. With the audio version voiced by professional voice actors, you can even hear it while exercising, before going to bed, and immersed in comfort. It’s great to read and hear useful things, meaningful advice.

In addition, the application also provides many unique functions so that it is not boring to experience it; with the items that Headway: Self-Growth Challenge conveys, you will feel more motivated and quickly achieve your goals in life.


Attractive Feature

An application attracts users not only by its content but also by its exciting features. Continuous updating and improvement have brought many benefits to those who use it. The spaced repetition feature will help you store the essentials of the book while expanding your thinking, helping you to remember longer and develop your brain. Also, you can share the great quotes in the book with your friends and spread the message to everyone.

Why did you start the habit of reading books? It is essential to build a lifestyle associated with reading; it balances and harmonizes your life. Perhaps this is a well-reviewed online reading app; in just 15 minutes, you can participate in the colorful world that books bring, try the Headway: Self-Growth Challenge, and relax with your own space.


If while reading a book, you are accidentally interested in a quote or passages, the application will help you copy and save it to the clipboard. Furthermore, the spaced repetition feature will help you save key ideas, the keys that are important to your purpose, and easily recite them anytime, anywhere. Reading is an act to relax and become clearer, and users can easily carry a huge library of books with attractive content right on their phone with Headway. It is a great application and constantly updated with new books, translated, narrated, and ready to help users have a better goal in life and easily change themselves.

Enjoy good books

As mentioned, Headway is essentially a reading support application on mobile platforms with diverse content. Here, you can easily read good books through millions of available titles. As can be seen, this is really an application dedicated to book readers around the world with many genres available. You can easily find books in various areas of your life such as health, family, love, history and more.

Besides, you can also choose to listen to books so that you can absorb knowledge anytime, anywhere. With the audio version voiced by professional actors, it will certainly make the process of absorbing new knowledge faster than ever. Thanks to that, you can listen to a book while exercising, before going to bed, or even driving. Headway makes every moment of your life more meaningful by continuously adding knowledge.


Choose and read the right book for you

If you’ve ever picked up paper books at bookstores before, you’ll certainly find this a waste of time and effort. But with Headway, everything will be resolved quickly. Basically, you just need to type the title of the book you want to enjoy and see the corresponding results on the screen to choose from. At the initial stage, you can also make some available surveys to filter out the book rights that best suit your needs.

Besides, this application also allows users to choose some different data to make their reading process more optimal. That can be customized to the size, font, text style, background color, brightness, and more. If you want, you can also bookmark it or save your progress for easy access next time.

Improve vocabulary

Reading is also considered one of the optimal methods to increase vocabulary. Therefore, you can use Headway as a rich dictionary to improve your vocabulary every day. With this application, you can freely search for word meanings, thereby acquiring new languages quickly. If you feel bored when learning vocabulary through old methods, you can experiment with this application to feel more interesting.


Nice interface, bright colors

Headway owns an intuitive interface with bright colors that gives users sympathy from the first time. The interface of this application also comes with many other useful features. Users just need to touch the corresponding icon to be able to use it quickly. Besides, the features available in the application also respond very quickly and work stably on many different devices. In general, you are also free to customize the interface of the application to best suit your usage needs.

• Personalized reading list for you based on your goals
• Nonfiction bestsellers summarized in 15-min reads
• Collections of reads to solve your specific goals
• Thousands of actionable insights and tips
• Audio versions of summaries from professional voice actors
• Vocabulary to look up and new words to learn
• Spaced repetition feature for you to remember all the ideas
• Brilliant quotes to share with your friends and colleagues

Key Features

  • Diverse book collection with many different topics
  • Perfect and vivid interface, easy to use
  • Allows sharing quotes with meaningful messages to make life more convenient
  • Look up vocabulary comfortably and improve your vocabulary
  • Many exciting features to help you have a great experience

Installation Instruction:

  1. Download app from the link given above {Important}
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device. {If your have “Install from unknown sources” settings enabled, skip to step 6}
  3. Here click on the option named Security.
  4. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn ON the Install from Unkown Sources.
  6. Then install the apk.
  7. That’s it! Enjoy.


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