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Oxygen Updater Adfree Apk

Oxygen Updater Pro Apk

You always wanted to run the latest software versions. You bought a device with a great operating system – which is intuitive and offers a lot of customization options. There is however one big catch: You have to wait until it’s your turn to get your system updated to the latest Oxygen*(1) OS / Android version….

Well: as of now, the wait is over!
With Oxygen Updater, you will be among the first users to update your Oxygen OS device to the latest and greatest software version, for free!

Oxygen Updater allows you to be the first to view information about Oxygen OS System updates, and directly install*(2) them to your device. No more waiting until you get the system update notification after a few weeks, just update whenever a new update is released. (requires an active internet connection).

When a new update becomes available, you’ll receive a notification of it. You may then open the app to download and install*(2) your new system update.

Additionally, this app provides a short overview about your device specs, including your current Android and Oxygen OS version, the amount of memory (RAM), the security patch date and the processor in your device. Also, important announcements about OnePlus and the app itself are posted within Oxygen Updater.

When you open Oxygen Updater for the first time, you will be asked to select your device and your update method. These are usually set to the right values, but you are free to change them according to your likings.

There are a couple of different update methods:

– Full updates: Updates which always work – regardless of your current OS version. However, these updates are very large to download. Only recommended if you have root access, because in that case the incremental updates do not work.

– Incremental updates: Incremental updates are smaller update packages that are built to only update the current system version of your device. These updates are much smaller to download and are therefore recommended when not having root access.

– Open Betas: Do you want even newer software than most other people around you? ? Then you can also switch to (and update) the OxygenOS Open Betas using this app. *(3)

*(1) This is a non-official app. OnePlus and Oxygen OS are not associated with this app in any way. They are not responsible for your actions, neither is the developer of this app. Installing software updates may render your device inoperable if the installation instructions are not carefully followed. Please visit https://oneplus.net/nl/about-us for more information about OnePlus. For questions, suggestions and legal issues, please send an email to the e-mail address from the developer as shown in the Google Play Store.

*(2) Automatic update installation requires root access and TWRP recovery. If you don’t have root access, you’ll be prompted with a guide on how to install the update yourself. Even if you have root access, you may still choose to view the install guide and install the update yourself.

*(3) Switching from the regular version of OxygenOS to the Open Beta requires enabling of Advanced Mode, a free feature meant for advanced users. Reverting back from the Open Beta to the regular version of OxygenOS may not be possible through Oxygen Updater but *will* erase all contents of your phone. Consider this before switching to the betas!

– Added support for handling /article deep links (will be used in the ground-up website redesign coming up shortly, so stay tuned)
– The app now properly shows a placeholder string if changelog is empty
– Fixed button tints on older Android versions
– Fixed rare crashes in update-info & install-guide screens
– Updated dependencies
5.4.2 & 5.4.1:
– Fixed rare crashes in welcome & article screens
– Fixed notification text always being in English
– Fixed crash while loading install guides on Hebrew devices
– Added Nord 2 support 🎉🎉🎉
– Fixed issues with loading articles
– Reduced size of banner ads for better UX
– Added Portuguese (José Roverato) and updated Hebrew (@HypeGameMode) & Italian (Alex Sandri) translations
– Migrated Google Play Billing Library from v3 to v4 (may fix rare ad-free purchase issues too)
– Added support for multiple notifications being displayed properly
– Added Hebrew (@HypeGameMode) and Romanian (@robertcx) translations
– Updated German (Severin Hamader & @DarkLeon355) and French (@Dadkill) translations
– Fixed crash on older Android versions while opening an article
– Fixed crash when the app was reopened from the “download failed” notification
– Possibly fixed other rare crashes
– Updated dependencies, which may also fix issues with purchasing the ad-free unlock

App Info:
App name : Oxygen Updater
Package Name : com.arjanvlek.oxygenupdater
Developer: Arjan Vlek
Apk Md5 : fc1fc0a2173fa9f221950bc78ba32e96
Apk Size :8.56 MB
Update on Play Store :30 October 2021
Version Name & Code:5.5.0(82)

Requirements: 5.0 and up

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