Musixmatch music & lyrics Premium 6.6.0 Apk



Musixmatch music & lyrics Premium 6.6.0 Apk

Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics catalog, that lets you enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics.
It has been featured among the “Best Apps 2014” selection on Google Play Store.

It is a must have app for music lovers:
• Listen to the songs in your music library with synced lyrics.
Discover the FloatingLyrics™ feature to enjoy synced lyrics while playing your favorite songs with Spotify, Play Music and any other music app.

• Search lyrics for any song you love:
Instantly get the lyrics you’re looking for and play the song from Youtube or Spotify
Can’t remember the song title? Simply type part of the lyrics to find the song.

• Identify lyrics for music playing around you:
With a simple tap you can magically identify the song and the lyrics from the Radio, TV or any other audio source.

Your favorite and identified lyrics will be stored in your personal profile, and can also be found on under ‘identified songs’.

musixmatch is also the app providing lyrics to a z lyrics

Additional key features
★ Cast music and lyrics to your TV with Chromecast
★ Advanced features like Sleep timer, Equalizer
★ Automatically fetch song info and coverart for your songs
★ Android Wear and Android TV support

Introducing Musixmatch Premium: access to your favorite synced lyrics offline and with no advertising.

App Info:
App name : Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music
Package Name :
Apk Md5 : 8c4282c17d2e8e1bfebb424f9103a92f
Apk Size :12.17 MB
Update on Play Store : December 21, 2016
Version Name & Code: v6.6.0 (2016121731)

Note: Sign Required To Use Premium

Requirements: 4.1+

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  • Ashu Arya

    Sir Equalizer is not working. Please make it work. ????

    Thanks! ????

  • Ashu Arya

    Hey guys.. can anyone please fix this Equalizer problem!?

  • Ashu Arya

    Is anyone there to listen my request? Are you guys going to fix this Equalizer problem or not?

  • Apkmos

    Build 2016121731 uploaded and eq fixed

    • Ashu Arya

      Thanks a lot.. now it’s working. ????

  • eLsChi MaeRa

    Why i can’t listening from Musixmatch? Everytime i wanna hear from Musixmatch the lyrics just blinking again again and the music never come out …
    Can u tell me why? I already sync with Spotify …

  • Elschimaera

    Emm anyone pls answer my question :/

    • Zerjhyo

      The problem is caused when you link your account with your Spotify account… If you log out from your Spotify account and restart the app it should not have any problems. I had the same problem. The only thing is that I wanted the premium version to linked to my Spotify account so it seems that we need to wait until next release…

      • Elschimaera

        Oh ok 🙁
        Thx for your answer …

  • Zerjhyo

    Everything seems to work fine except for the Spotify feature. It logs in but when I select Play nothing happens. The lyrics are shown but no music is played.

    • Yusuf Firmansyah

      I hope they will fix it.

  • Anca Stratulat

    If possible, can you please update the app to the latest build?

  • Marllon Trindade

    Pleaseeee, update the app to the latest build!

  • Abhisek Dash

    Please update app to 6.6.2. I suddenly started getting ads again today for some reason.

  • The app is constantly asking me to update to latest version. Please if you can update it to latest build.

  • Yamuna Rana

    This app just suddenly stopped showing lyrics,…plz do something

  • Abdulkareem Jabal

    please update to the latest version 6.6.3

  • Rafee Shaik

    Where is the Next update

  • Rafee Shaik

    6.6.4 also released sir.. Please update it

  • উনুসিং মারমা

    When the updated app is coming, the v6.6.5?

  • Muhammad Mellano A

    please update it to 6.6.5 ( latest )

  • Yamuna Rana

    Please…. Update it. Sir 🙏

  • Jonatan gonçalves

    Pleease update app ….today the app stop to work coze’ requering the latest version
    Sorry for my english

  • Ann

    Update, please… and, if possible, do a mod that remove that message when it requires update, because we can’t use the app and we have to wait until a new mod version comes out.

  • Ghofur Alamsyah

    Update the app please.

  • Yamuna Rana

    Its keep asking to latest version….plz update it…🙏🙏🙏

  • Shahbaz Alam

    Please update the app to latest version 6.6.5

  • Shahbaz Alam

    Please update the app

  • Muhammad Ridwan (リヅワン)

    The newest is 6.6.6, it still update the version, if apkmos create the crack now newer version will release and the cracked one is useless, may be apkmos wait for final version

  • please update to 6.6.6 🙏

  • Jenifer Gomez

    Please update it sir the old version can’t find the lyrics of my music

  • Dave

    Update to 6.6.6 pls

  • Luis Castrejon

    Please update 6.6.7 premium

  • Muhammad Ridwan (リヅワン)

    Still hard to hack this app, they use 2 dalvik cache,

  • Muhammad Ridwan (リヅワン)

    If u just looking for the lyrics i can give u suggestions, to make this app save the lyrics, first install xposed framework in your phone, then install hack connectifity hack service and lucky patcher, with luckypatcher disable the ads, and do hack with your connectifity, it will make your phone thinks it always on line, and musixmatch will not ever deletes the lyric cache…

  • Oscar Vela Baez

    Amigos necesitamos la nueva versión 6.6.7

  • Mahesh Sharma

    Please update!

  • Pritish Gulati

    Please update it to 6.6.8 or please share the method used for cracking…
    I know how to code and will be able to crack and send it to u guys…

  • Nikolas Spiridakis

    6.7.3 please… Or just make an lp custom patch