App Name Truecaller
Package Name com.truecaller
Developer Truecaller
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Current Version 12.32.7 Build 1232007
Md5 Dark:
Size 71.4 MB
Updated On 21 June 2022
More Info playstore 1


We keep updating our App to make it better.
This version brings:
– Secure your messages with a passcode or fingerprint
– Improvements for our call log
– Long press to change the default startup tab
– Selected animated emojis
– Urgent Message – Send time-critical messages as urgent and the receiver gets notified with high visibility
– Edit message – Say goodbye to typos! Now you edit your chat messages after sending them
– Video Caller ID – Our biggest ever update to Caller ID!


To Activate Premium: Goto Premium Tab > Close Truecaller >Reopen Truecaller > All Premium features Activated

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