MT Manager Apk

MT Manager

What’s New
-Support setting the default opening method of the specified suffix file (long press the icon in the Open Method dialog box)
-Add APK/ZIP comparison function, the operation method is the same as the text comparison

-The setting supports hiding those that do not need to be used in the side bar of the main interface Tools
-Add the switch to prevent automatic deletion of APK installation in the
settings-Support the sorting of the built-in opening methods in the settings

-When Dex++ batch delete, select the modified class with one click and change it to select the unmodified
-The code flow chart can be zoomed smaller than the original Doubled

-Added custom MT2 directory path function
-APK information interface supports identification of wild rhinoceros reinforcement
-Dex merge function adds “Delete source Dex” function

-Fixed Chinese garbled problems when viewing zip files in some cases
-Fixed the largest search file dialog box The button may not be displayed
-Fix the problem that Meizu phone may
crash in the installation package extraction interface -Fix the problem that the Arsc++ decompiler may have a string decoding error
-Fix a problem that may cause a crash in the “Inject log record” function
-Fix closed “Create backup” option, some features will delete the existing backup file after file save problem
– repair View compressed picture package with a password, enter the password will be canceled after repeatedly ask you to type the password problem