1Tap Cleaner Pro v4.51 Paid Untouched

1Tap Cleaner Pro to clean all cache, defaults settings and SD card.

App Name1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache)
Latest Versionv4.51
MOD ByBalatan
Get it OnGoogle Play

If you want to download the latest version of 1Tap Cleaner Pro APK, then you must come to apkmody. In apkmody you can download 1Tap Cleaner Pro Mod APK v4.26 for free. Next is a detailed introduction about 1Tap Cleaner Pro Mod APK v4.26.

1Tap Cleaner Pro is an application that helps you to dig deep into the data of your device and applications and can delete them if not needed. It can interfere with many different data types, and you can customize it to delete unnecessary things precisely. At the same time, you can also fully take advantage of other features to manage the data usage of functions and applications. It is an application that you should not miss.

Erase unnecessary data with one-touch

If you have problems with your device’s capacity or its performance is sometimes unstable, you should consider deleting some data with 1Tap Cleaner Pro. This application interferes with various data in devices and applications so that you can select unnecessary data conveniently. From there, you’ll be able to clear a certain amount of space so the device can focus on what’s important to do.

Remove unnecessary application cache

One of the reasons some apps take up a sizable amount of space is their cache, so you should be able to clear these data quickly with 1Tap Cleaner Pro. It is a temporary application memory, and sometimes it still appears and prevents the device from processing. So you’ll be able to select caches of apps you’re not using to speed up device usage and free up some space.

Make device history disappear

In 1Tap Cleaner Pro, the type of data that you can remove from your device is the history stored in the device and apps. The data that you often find is the history of calls or unnecessary messages still on your device. Therefore, you should quickly remove unnecessary or harmful things from your device. Some browser applications have a history that should sometimes be cleared of history and started over to optimize the amount of space you can use and customize what you can keep.

Observe the list of applications

Besides, you can erase every single factor that makes your device slower with 1Tap Cleaner Pro; you can also fully manage the data that apps have taken up. The cache will be included in this information, and it is highlighted prominently so that the user can easily recognize it. So if it takes up too much space, you should start your deletion process if the information in that cache is not needed.

Operate as a widget to monitor device status

When you use the application to view the data in the device, the widget feature makes it easier to see when you are looking at the home screen. You will see some information like cache, used space, and other data quickly. From there, you can do whatever you want with this data or access the app right after that for more detailed information. The application also allows you to adjust the widget colors simply.

Choose and list some apps to remove

Once you’ve chosen what to delete, you need to press a button to clear the data. It is convenient and straightforward. 1Tap Cleaner Pro will allow you to delete specific applications and select each item to be deleted most systematically. Besides, it also has the function of automatically cleaning the memory of the phone you are using and deleting all the history of accessing websites at different intervals. More specifically, in some cases, when your device is overloaded, this application will help you reduce a significant number of files.

Delicious interface, simple and easy to use

The manufacturer has designed this application with a highly realistic interface, extremely simple compared to many other applications. Moreover, it mainly provides information and content. All content is presented clearly and detailed, conveying the most necessary information to users, helping them understand how to use and quickly delete what they want. Besides, this is also an application that is considered easy to use. No matter who you are, you have the right to download. The operations here are elementary and gentle, need to be guided through once, and you can perform the data deletion very proficiently.

Internet connection needed

When using 1Tap Cleaner Pro, your device needs to be connected to the Internet because any unexpected problems or interruptions are reported through this link very quickly, in just a few seconds. You will receive a notification already. In addition, you can also use several services to assist with the automatic deletion of everything in memory. Each person will have a choice and a unique way to handle the problem for their device, but you also need to carefully read some of the instructions and notes that this application provides.

Support many different languages and no ads

When you use this application, one point worth noting is the number of translations for each language that this application supports. These translations are provided by native speakers and have been enhanced over time. So you’ll be able to access and use the app’s features with ease. Also, this is the Pro version, so you won’t be bothered by elements like ads and have a completely seamless and distraction-free experience.

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Installation Instruction:

  1. Download app from the link given above {Important}
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device. {If your have “Install from unknown sources” settings enabled, skip to step 6}
  3. Here click on the option named Security.
  4. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  5. Turn ON the Install from Unkown Sources.
  6. Then install the apk.
  7. That’s it! Enjoy.

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